Neil Lennon has a deal for prospective Celtic investor Snoop Lion

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Some managers might laugh off quotes from Snoop Doggy Lion suggesting that he wants to give money and David Beckhams to their club, but Celtic manager Neil Lennon seems intrigued. Since Snoop revealed an interest in Celtic that stemmed from watching highlights of their win against Barcelona, Lennon has decided to make a public offer that the rapper can very easily refuse.

From the Independent:

When questioned about the music star's interest ahead of his team's Champions League clash against Benfica in Lisbon, Lennon said: "It would be interesting if he did put money in. As long as I got invited to one of his parties, it would be okay."

Forget all the entertainment Snoop would bring to the Celtic boardroom, Neil Lennon at a Snoop party would be far more entertaining. Especially if that Snoop party is in the Celtic boardroom.

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