Napoli owner threatens to pull his club out of Supercoppa Italiana in China

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

It's been well established that Napoli owner Aurelio De Laurentiis will say and do whatever he wants, so it should come as no surprise that the eccentric producer of such films as Christmas in South Africa, Christmas in Miami and, of course, Christmas in India, is now threatening to pull his club out of the Supercoppa Italiana match in Beijing. The August 11 match between the Coppa Italia winners and Serie A champions Juventus has already been the subject of debate for its timing and location, but the agreements that have previously been made are apparently no longer pleasing to De Laurentiis, who originally argued for the match to be held in China when Juventus disagreed.

From Football Italia:

According to the Corriere dello Sport newspaper, De Laurentiis has changed his mind again and is prepared to boycott the tournament.

"Can you explain to me what is the point of going to China a few days before the start of the season?" De Laurentiis was quoted as saying, although it is not an interview.

"No, Napoli will not go to Beijing. It's a crazy journey and pointless stress."

This decision follows De Laurentiis' annual outrage and accusations of conspiracy upon seeing the Serie A fixture list for the new season, so this could just be a way of extending his protests a step further. And, in his defense, flying all the way out to Beijing just before the start of the season does seem a bit ridiculous.

The idea copying the format of the Spanish Super Cup has been floated, with a two-leg home and home tie that would take place on August 4 and 12, but that seems unlikely to happen at this late stage.