Napoli’s Morgan De Sanctis has odd reaction to teammate’s goal

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

On December 3, Napoli made easy work of last place Lecce, winning 4-2. The result wasn't strange at all, but what was strange was Napoli goalkeeper Morgan De Sanctis' reaction to teammate Edinson Cavani's goal to make it 4-1 in the 82nd minute.

De Sanctis reacts as if his teammates had done something wrong -- throwing up his arms and shaking his head, apparently in disgust. As he trod back towards his goal with a long face, teammate Cristiano Lucarelli smiles and tells him that there are just "7-8 minutes" left in the match.

Of course, since this is Italy and yet another betting scandal was recently uncovered, the first thought was that De Sanctis was upset that Cavani's goal went against some sort of betting plans.

De Sanctis has defended his reaction by saying that it was the result of Napoli coming off a frustrating three straight draws at the time and that whoever put this YouTube video together is a coward. But he probably should've just said that he really wanted to score one himself.

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