Napoli made their camouflage shirt even worse

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

At this point in the season, most fans have probably adjusted to the idea of Napoli wearing a camouflage style shirt. It's unusual, but the nature of the design implies that it's not too taxing on the eyes. So, the club decided to make it even worse by adding yellow and blue and calling it "Xtreme." Because they are apparently targeting a fanbase entirely comprised of 13-year-old boys who play Call of Duty and believe body spray commercials are documentaries filmed in real time.

This marks the first time in the club's history that they will have a four kits in one season, which means that, yes, the team will be wearing this abomination on the pitch. When they do so, it might mark the first time a referee ever makes a team change for clashing with themselves.

The new shirt will be unleashed on the public in February. You'll know when the players wear it because your television will burn out even if you're not watching the game.

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