Nando’s restaurants stay open extra five minutes of ‘Fergie Time’ in honor of Sir Alex Ferguson

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

After all the trophies and the longevity and the fearsome reputation, one of the things Sir Alex Ferguson is best known for is Fergie Time. That extra bit of added time at the end of a match that always seemed to last just long enough for Man United to find a goal when they needed it most. Dismissed as a myth and adopted as a running joke, statisticians have found that there might have been something to Fergie Time after all.

But now, as Sir Alex retires after an astounding 26 years in charge of Man United, Fergie Time takes its most real and commercial form yet. Following Ferguson's announcement, Nando's chicken restaurants announced that nine of their Manchester locations would stay open an extra five minutes Wednesday night in his honor. From Nando's website:

So, after 26 years in charge, Sir Alex Ferguson is finally calling it a day at Manchester United. Now he can spend time enjoying the finer things in life – golf, extended holidays, and helpings of PERi-PERi chicken.

And what better way to celebrate the legend that is Sir Alex, by keeping our Manchester restaurants open for an extra five minutes this evening. We’re calling it #NandosFergieTime.

And that's how you do that.

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