Morrissey wants to meet Joey Barton at Glastonbury

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The Premier League's preeminent hipster ex-con, Mr. Joseph Barton, received a surprising and splendidly random phone call on Saturday. Barton told his Twitter followers that the call was the best of his life and assured everyone that it wasn't football related. Then, he said this (from his iPad, because of course he has an iPad):

Morrissey, former front man for The Smiths, wants to meet Joey Barton at Glastonbury. Why? It seems even Barton, who has mentioned his love for The Smiths before, doesn't know and is still trying to figure out how Morrissey knows who he is. The singer does have an affinity for hard tackling midfielders, though. He sometimes changes a lyric in his song "Roy's Keen" (a reference to former Manchester United captain Roy Keane) to "never seen a keener midfielder."

Maybe "Morrissey's personal security man" is actually just someone playing a prank on Barton, but it seems this odd meeting will take place at the upcoming music festival. And it will hopefully take place right before Wayne Rooney meets the real Jay-Z.

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