More links! And Julio Baptista singing on the radio!

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

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Malaga's Julio Baptista joins Spanish songwriter David DeMaria for a performance and he actually doesn't sound too bad. [YouTube]

Unemployed Rafa Benitez is a blogger now. [KCKRS]

Cesc jams that knife into Arsenal a bit deeper, says they won't win anything. [Footy Blog]

Like any good Hobbit, Xavi enjoys picking mushrooms. [TotalBarca]

Gasperini gets dreaded vote of confidence. [442]

Retired Belgian footballer now a gay pornstar. [Kickette]

Manchester United -- footballing fashion victims. [WSC]

Help Bumpy Pitch give footballs to kids who need them! [TOW]

Man City fans discover that Massive European Nights are much smaller than they look on TV. [The Gaffer]

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