More links! And Chivas USA imitate the Old Spice ads!

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

All the stuff being covered outside the unfriendly confines of the award-winning Dirty Tackle...

This is how you sell tickets. [KCKRS]

Here's a jacket Cesc Fabregas may or may not be forced to wear this season. [TBG]

Juan Pablo Angel's son looks quite good. [The Offside]

This is what Eric Abidal's scar looks like. [Kickette]

Please watch this, Juergen Klinsmann. [Deadspin]

A farewell to Cannavaro. [Run of Play]

In search of the "real" Ashley Cole. [BBC]

Alex Ferguson shows where Wayne Rooney learned to swear on camera. [TOW]

Peter Kenyon working on rogue European league? [Guardian]

Even Santa isn't loyal anymore. [Studs Up]

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