Montreal’s Hassoun Camara scores with a flick over the shoulder while sitting down

Montreal Impact defender Hassoun Camara scored a 38th-minute equalizer against Colorado with a clever bit of skill that didn't even require standing up. After tumbling over an opponent in a failed attempt to head a corner kick, Camara found himself sitting in the box. In the confusion as the ball squirted around, it made its way to Camara's feet, allowing him to flick it up to himself and get a shot off while sitting with his back to the net.

Since the goalkeeper's attempt to defend the corner kick left him on the ground further up the pitch than Camara, there was no one to stop the shot from going in. Though the commentators in the video above didn't seem too impressed, it was a creative and wonderfully executed maneuver. But it wasn't enough to get a result for Montreal as they went on to lose 4-3.