Montpellier’s 68-year-old president gets an orange and blue mohawk after winning Ligue 1

Dirty Tackle
Most French senior citizens do not look like this (
Most French senior citizens do not look like this (

In a game full of drama, toilet paper and tennis balls, Montpellier beat Auxerre over the weekend to win its first-ever Ligue 1 title — much to the chagrin of its oil-rich rivals at Paris Saint-Germain.

On April 15, Montpellier's outspoken president Louis Nicollin told French TV channel TF1 that he would sport a mohawk like PSG winger Jeremy Menez if his club finished first. He also said he would dye it orange and blue to match his club's colors.

True to his word, Nicollin appeared Monday on TV channel France3 sporting a haircut that isn't quite befitting of a portly 68-year-old French businessman. According to French paper L'Équipe, Nicollin also placed a disturbing new wager on his team's future success:

"If we win the Champions League next season, I shave everywhere."

And now you have an excellent reason not to back Montepellier's upcoming European campaign.

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