The moment Dortmund scored their second injury-time goal to stun Malaga and prompt ‘racism’ claim

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Borussia Dortmund came back from being down 2-1 at home in the second leg of their Champions League quarterfinal against Malaga to overturn what would've been a massive upset with two goals in stoppage time. Marco Reus scored in the first minute of injury time to make it 2-2, but Dortmund still trailed on away goals. In the second minute of injury time, Felipe Santana tapped in the winner at the goal line to put the German side through to the semifinals (video of all goals here).

The photo above captures the disparity of emotions on the decisive goal as Malaga keeper Wilfredo Caballero and defender Vitorino Antunes both had front-row seats for their devastation. Santana was widely accused of being offside before scoring -- an accusation that was also made against Malaga's Eliseu when he scored his side's second goal. But both neither was disallowed and you can probably guess which one Malaga president Sheikh Abdullah Al Thani is most upset about.

Racism against a Spanish club through an uncalled offside goal? That might be a new one. But Borussia Dortmund officials were not immediately available for a Twitter retort since they were caught in a bit of a pile-up...

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