Model testifies that Silvio Berlusconi had stripper perform in a Ronaldinho mask

Milan owner and former Italian prime minster Silvio Berlusconi is on trial for having sex with an underage prostitute and the latest revelations about his infamous "bunga bunga" parties will likely add to your day terrors for a while.

Model Imane Fadil testified against Berlusconi on Monday, where she stated that the first time she accompanied Berlusconi to one of his parties, he gave her €2,000 in cash and told her "don't be offended." This payment would not be enough to compensate for what she would eventually see.

At first, the performances she witness were relatively tame. Blasphemous, but relatively tame. From the AFP:

That night she said she saw two young women in nun costumes with "black tunics, white veils and crosses" stripping in front of the then-prime minister.

Later, Fadil witnessed a combination of sights only Berlusconi would be twisted enough to put together.

At another party Fadil said she saw a young Brazilian model "with an AC Milan jersey and a Ronaldinho mask, who stripped down to her thong."

Berlusconi brought Ronaldinho to Milan in 2008, so we know he's always been fond of the Brazilian legend. But not this fond. Hopefully we'll never find out where Berlusconi puts his Pippo Inzaghi mask.