MLS All-Stars produce their answer to the Super Bowl Shuffle

Dirty Tackle

The 18th edition of the MLS All-Star game takes place on Wednesday evening, with the USA's finest facing Roma at Sporting Park in Kansas.

In order to intimidate their Italian opponents, some members of the All-Stars hit the studio this week to produce a modern rap classic, giving a knowing nod to the '85 Bears Super Bowl Shuffle.

Much like the phrase "giving 110%," the title 'We're Better Than The Best' makes absolutely no sense, but who needs sense when Omar Gonzalez is delivering rhymes like "Omar is my nombre, will you be my hombre?" Kyle Beckerman is subtly referencing smoking and Chris Wondolowski is playing fast and loose with the concepts of rhythm and timing?

It would have been nice to see Landon Donovan blasting a saxophone and Thierry Henry nonchalantly thwacking a triangle in the background, but it's an excellent addition to the canon of football raps for which Liverpool set a high benchmark.

For those too young to know what Thundercats or dial-up internet is, here's the Super Bowl Shuffle...

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