MLS schedules Colorado and Seattle game on 4/20, marijuana users delighted


MLS released their 2013 schedule on Wednesday, with the eighteenth edition of the league kicking off on March 2nd.

One of the new additions this season is Rivalry Week: in week 3, eight of the nine fixtures will take place between regional adversaries. Seattle will host Portland, Dallas play Houston and so on.

The MLS schedulers appear to have given a knowing wink to the nation's potheads (which I believe is pronounced "po-theeds") with one particular fixture, the Sounders visit to Colorado. It takes place on 4/20, the date commonly associated with cannabis culture.

It's no coincidence that marijuana was legalized in Washington and Colorado on the most recent Election Day, meaning fans of both sides will be able to convene before the match (at 4.20pm) to celebrate, consume, listen to Dave Matthews Band records and remark on how amazing their hands are.

It's also worth noting that MLS headquarters in New York are at 420 5th Ave. COINCIDENCE? Probably! Either way, don't be surprised if the commentary from the game syncs up with the Wizard of Oz when played backwards.

H/T: Buzzfeed