Mix Diskerud message board post makes his failed MLS transfer a weird one

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Mix Diskerud message board post makes his failed MLS transfer a weird one
Mix Diskerud message board post makes his failed MLS transfer a weird one

There are plenty of ways for a star professional athlete to address his contract situation and why he didn't sign with a team. There's his official Twitter account or Facebook page or the slightly outdated but always classy press release via a publicist.

Then there's United States national team midfielder Mix Diskerud, a member of the 2014 World Cup squad, who instead addressed the issue of his possible move to MLS side Columbus Crew on an internet message board. Spelling errors and all, Diskerud let it all out.

Diskerud made post No. 478 on BigSoccer.com on Thursday morning, where he (or a very dedicated Mix Diskerud impersonator) has been a frequent poster since 2009. In the post, he talked about his possible move from Norwegian club Rosenborg to the Crew, a move that would have been massive for MLS. Most American fans had no idea that Diskerud even posted on the message board.

There was no filter in his opus, as he took a shot at Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl. Wahl reported on Wednesday that the Crew thought they had a deal in place to land Diskerud, whose contract in Norway ends at the end of the year. According to Wahl, Diskerud's father decided to “demand more money at the last second” and the deal collapsed.

Not so, says Diskerud in his message board post:

“In my book – I would give Grant Wahl a straight red card – and with three weeks total suspension. I have had a lawyer representing me and having had him as the one who has kept communication between Gregg, MLS, Rosenborg, and all others I have had obligations to in this matter. He has assured me that he has not at all done any of what Grant Wahl accuses my father of. My father has not been negotiating between Rosenborg and Columbus/MLS.”

Much of the post is rambling, although Diskerud compliments the fans of Ohio for their support during last year's World Cup qualifier win over Mexico. And he even took a shot at fans who questioned why he would want to play in Columbus, not exactly one of the more exotic locales in MLS.

"Some people say in social media that I would never go to Ohio. I ask them, why not? Isn't Ohio the most perfect example what the US really is all about,” Diskerud wrote. “When the democratic part of the USA votes, isn't Ohio what exemplifies best what US values is? Why wouldn't Columbus have given me a faster and better understanding of what the USA past, present, right to left, is all about.”

When questioned about the post, Wahl stood by his story. 


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