Miroslav Klose scores with his hand, admits it to ref so the goal is disallowed

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Very early in Napoli's match against Lazio at the San Paolo, Miroslav Klose scored off a corner kick to put Lazio up 1-0. While the Lazio players began to celebrate, Napoli protested the goal, saying that Klose scored with his hand, which he did. Klose then admitted his offense to the referee, who disallowed the goal, and the Napoli players showed their appreciation for Klose's honesty by patting him on the back.

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Napoli went on the beat Lazio 3-0, but it was the 34-year-old German legend who earned the lion's share of respect on the day. And making the incident even more enjoyable is the fact that he admitted to his handball goal in the stadium that used to be the home of Maradona, the unrepentant perpetrator of the Hand of God goal.

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