Milan offer season ticket refund, fans leave funeral arrangement at club’s offices

Upset by the sale of Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic to PSG, a group of Milan supporters expressed the widely held disappointment of their fellow fans by leaving a small funeral arrangement outside the club's via Turati offices. A funeral card, candles and flowers were set up near the building's front door in the scene made to symbolize the faith some fans have left in the club after selling two of their best players. Adding a more consequential element to the protests, a class action lawsuit has also been filed against Milan on the grounds of "false advertising."

Meanwhile, the club decided to offer refunds to season ticket holders upset/disheartened by the loss of Ibra and Silva.

From Football Italia:

"The decision to reimburse season ticket holders has nothing to do with any legal action," insisted director Leandro Cantamessa.

"It is an issue of style and a response to those who are unhappy. After all, a season ticket holder for a football club is like that of a theatre season. The substitution of a tenor does not equate with reimbursement.

"We are not obliged to play those who are in the squad at the time of the season ticket purchase."

And if a theater company sold off their best tenors, their season ticket holders wouldn't be too happy either. Still, it's true that Milan aren't obligated to give refunds on season tickets just because they sold two players and they haven't had much chance to buy replacements (if that's going to happen). So maybe Milan fans should wait until the end of the transfer window before reading out the time of death on Milan's season/existence.

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