Mila Kunis agrees to go to a Watford game

Dirty Tackle

A day of answering identical questions about a movie in a fancy London hotel room can prove tiresome for a tremendously well-paid actor, so Mila Kunis seemed delighted to take part in a slightly offbeat interview with BBC Radio 1's Chris Stark while promoting Oz The Great and Powerful.

The actress famously attended a Marine Corps Ball when asked by a fan via YouTube, so Stark capitalized on her willingness to socialise with the proles by inviting her to see a Watford game with his 'boys'. The game would be proceeded by a trip to Nandos (the greatest chicken restaurant known to man) and would conclude by "boshing a couple of pints."

Kunis said she was too ill to head to Vicarage Road when the interview took place last Friday (Watford were actually playing in Wolverhampton that evening) but as it's difficult to refuse the advances of a man who uses the verb "to bosh", she promised to come to a game in the future.

It's not known if the Ukraine-born Hollywood star will be cheering on Gianfranco Zola's team against Sheffield Wednesday tonight, but there will certainly be some chants about her love of The Hornets and hatred of Luton Town. And probably some rude ones that Ashton Kutcher won't approve of.

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