Midfielder deliberately blocks goalkeeper’s view of free kick in Greece Superleague match

Dirty Tackle

Greek Superleague strugglers PAE Veria managed a 2-2 draw against visiting PAS Giannina on Sunday, and the home side clearly weren't phased by the thought of using cynical tactics to gain the advantage.

During injury time of the first half, Veria had an opportunity to gain a 3-2 lead with a free kick outside the box. Czech midfielder Petr Trapp decides to block goalkeeper Markos Vellidis' view of the incoming dead ball by standing right in front of him. Despite receiving some stern words from an upset Giannina player, Trapp continues to mirror the keeper's movements in full view of the referee.

The free kick came to nothing, but it's pretty surprising that the ref didn't call him up for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Perhaps Trapp was inspired by Steven Taylor's successful keeper blocking efforts last season...

Video H/T: 101GG

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