Mick McCarthy refuses to answer questions about Roy Keane and Martin O’Neill, awkwardness ensues

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The best and worst man to ask about Martin O'Neill's appointment as manager of Ireland and his decision to take Roy Keane on as his assistant was former Ireland manager Mick McCarthy. Now with Ipswich, McCarthy had a widely publicized falling out with Keane when the ex-midfielder played under him in 2002 that resulted in Keane publicly berating McCarthy and walking out on the World Cup. So how would he respond to questions about the "bad cop/bad, bad cop" partnership of O'Neill and Keane filling his old seat? Creepily.

McCarthy was asked the harmlessly needling question of how well he thinks O'Neill and Keane will do at his Thursday press conference ahead of Ipswich's match against Blackpool on Saturday. He responded by silently staring at the reporter who asked with his bedroom eyes. The reporter persisted with following questions, even going so far as to ask why he wouldn't answer, but McCarthy just smirked and said "I'm just a little confused about you."

He then denied having a falling out with Keane at the 2002 World Cup ("Was I asleep for that or something?") and went off on a tangent about how successful he was as Ireland manager before resuming his silent treatment. In short, it was the most fantastic press conference so far this season. Watch it.

Video via Balls.ie

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