Micah Richards pranks Man City staff with fake injury

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Normally when a player feigns injury, it's during a match and everyone hates him for it. But Man City defender Micah Richards has found the proper time and place for such an act: while filming a TV commercial.

Richards slipped while performing in front of a green screen, which gave a staffer from City's TV channel an idea for a prank on the club's photographer and marketing manager. He told Richards to pretend he was hurt by the slip and Richards, who is always up for a laugh, was the perfect person to play along.

He faked a limp and told the ladies he thought he pulled his hamstring in a dramatic performance worthy of a BAFTA nomination. As their careers flashed before their eyes, Richards finally shouted to let them know it was a prank. As relief consumed them, they were able to see the humor in the joke, though.

And that's how Micah Richards got himself out of filming commercials ever again.

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