Mexico fans threw beer and missiles at USA fans in the Azteca

Warning: NSFW language

Team USA were in high spirits after forcing fierce rivals Mexico to their third draw of the Hex World Cup Qualification stage at their own fabled Azteca stadium. Around 500 American fans travelled to the match in Mexico City, where they were penned into an upper tier by riot police. This arrangement kept American fans safe from confrontation with locals, but made them sitting ducks for a shower of beer and various missiles as the game progressed and concluded.

The plucky folks in stars and stripes kept up defiant chants of "U-S-A" as the booze and cups rained down, with one Wonder Woman impersonator (whom you can see in the clip above) even offering a classy one-fingered salute. Perhaps flipping the bird was merely a misunderstood way of reminding the home fans of the proud eagle that adorns the Great Seal?

At least one fan was injured by the Mexican missiles, suggesting it wasn't just beer that was thrown...

(@garrettquinn3000 Instagram)
(@garrettquinn3000 Instagram)

As USA fans left the Azteca they continued to offer obnoxious patriotic chants in English and Spanish, perhaps making them the most excited fans ever to watch a 0-0 draw...

As our friends at The Big Lead point out, the imperialist chants of "This is our house!" might not have been quite so loud without the comfort of a hefty police entourage separating them from disgruntled home fans. On the other hand, USA! USA! USA!

H/T: The Big Lead