Mexico fans hurl objects at manager Chepo de la Torre after loss to Panama

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Mexico lost 2-1 to Panama in their first Gold Cup match. On the heels of a mediocre showing at the Confederations Cup and struggles to even score a goal at home in World Cup qualifying, this was enough to draw the ire of fans, who reacted by pelting manager Chepo de la Torre with beverages and other throwable objects as he headed for the tunnel after the match.

But like the Jedi of underachievement that he is, he was somehow able to stroll through the attack without taking a direct hit. It was then time to blather to the press about why this was nothing to worry about. From the AP:

"We have to analyze the situation and come back in better form and look to get to the next round," Mexico coach Jose Manuel De La Torre said. "The main objective is to qualify for the World Cup. Of course, we also have this objective to try and get this Gold Cup title." [...]

"All the teams in the world, teams like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have these types of situations," De La Torre said. "We have to keep working to get back in the best circumstances possible."

And if they don't, Chepo better start carrying an umbrella.

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