Mexican federation president gives Honduras fans the finger, claims it was injured

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Upon arriving in San Pedro Sula for their World Cup qualifier against Honduras, Mexico football federation president Justino Compean did not appreciate the antagonistic reception his delegation received at the airport. So, he gave a group of Honduras fans the finger through the window of a van. Except Compean claims that's not why he twice extended his middle finger in the direction of the people yelling at his car.

Compean's explanation (via ESPN):

"I have an injured finger. It (the gesture) was misinterpreted," Compean said.

You don't even need to watch the video to realize what a silly excuse that is. If you're just going to claim that you were waving your finger owie at the Honduran fans, you might as well be an adult and own up to your true intent.

Like the US, who lost to Honduras in their first match of this final stage of qualifying, Mexico also got off to a less than ideal start with a 0-0 draw against Jamaica at the Azteca. So tensions were already high going in to this match and middle fingers will probably be the most friendly gestures of the visit.

UPDATE: Oddly enough, Mexico defender Maza used the same excuse when he showed a TV camera his middle finger after his side's scoreless draw against Jamaica. Apparently this is the "my dog ate my homework" for football people who give the finger.

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