Mesut Ozil swapped shirts with a Celta Vigo player, then tossed it into the stands

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Cristiano Ronaldo scored two second-half goals to give Real Madrid a 2-1 win at Celta Vigo. But when Mesut Ozil swapped shirts with a Celta player and then tossed the jersey he was given into the stands as he headed for tunnel with Jose Mourinho he apparently committed a scandalous act in the eyes of some people.

Since the swapping of shirts is a traditional gesture of respect and sportsmanship, Ozil casually throwing away the top he was given was interpreted as disrespectful. And so, one Spanish TV show decided to replay the Ozil's shirt toss about 87,000 times as they debated the matter.

Ozil could have had good reason to toss the shirt, though. Maybe he knew the Celta fans would like to have it. Maybe it smelled really, really bad. Or maybe light blue just isn't his color.

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