Meet Steve Nash, Martin's big brother

Richard Whittall

Steve Nash is a busy guy. He plays basketball for some team in Arizona and is apparently quite good. More importantly, as a stakeholder in 2011 Major League Soccer newcomers the Vancouver Whitecaps, he is among the small group of elite Canadians with the power to harness Canada's coming soccer asplosion (and the power to tell his brother what to do).

Nash is currently traveling around South Africa making videos for (which apparently has no travel budget for the World Cup), in between making them for VISA's Go Fans contest (enjoy the weirdness above), so I was delighted to be able to ask him a few questions. About two of them. Over the course of three minutes.

You see I had been originally allotted more time, but after getting patched through to what sounded like a man wrapped in a fire blanket reciting poetry while tied to the top a freight train, I had no choice but to hang up. On Steve Nash.

After a bit of a kerfuffle I managed to get on the phone with three minutes to spare. But what a three minutes! It was enough to find out that Nash is "obviously thrilled" to be in South Africa, and while his family ties means he traditionally supports England at the big show, he would love to see the Whitecaps "develop ... young players for Canada." He also is open to the idea of the Whitecaps women in WPS, saying they could be a "model franchise." And he's enjoying himself at a very "diverse" World Cup. Well, good then.

Then he tells me they have to move on. I think he was on his way to a game.

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