The meaning behind the ‘groundbreaking’ symbol carved into Cristiano Ronaldo’s hair

Cristiano Ronaldo had yet another new hairstyle for his two-goal performance that helped Real Madrid take a point at the Camp Nou on Sunday and though it looked like his barber had some kind of spasm while doing the side of his head there was actually some vaguely profound meaning to it.

According to Marca, Cristiano went to hairstylist brothers Jose and Miguel Siero Leal the day before the match and asked for "something different and groundbreaking." This is how the brothers explain the hair doodle:

"He told us, as he had on many other occasions that he was looking for something different. We know him well and we had the idea of shaving a symbol that represents both peace and the calm a warrior experiences after battle. He agreed", they said.

What about a symbol that represents one of the world's best footballers overcoming a case of the sads? Is there not a symbol for that?

Just to prove how well they know Cristiano Ronaldo, the brothers also shared a series of facts about him that only people who have a cursory knowledge of his existence could possibly know.

"His hair is very curly and you have to treat it carefully. He likes to wear it set or gelled. He knows that the television cameras follow his every move and he likes to look impeccable. Cristiano has a great personality and he's very ambitious. He's a winner. He only thinks of himself", they concluded.

I guess Cristiano isn't great at making small talk while he's getting his hair cut.