Masked and armed Romanian special forces halt match to arrest player

The recent Romanian fourth division match between Chişoda and Sânnicolaul Mare was just like any other Romanian fourth division match, right up until the point where special forces police invaded the pitch and forced everybody to lay on the ground while they looked for a suspected criminal.

According to Yahoo! Romania, the masked police were looking for a gang leader named Sorin Udrea, who has played for Chişoda this season. He is wanted for a number of crimes, including match fixing, and was recently in a bar brawl involving several large knives — one of which appeared to be protruding from a man captured on hospital security tapes.

A Portguese report of the incident on Maisfutebol explains that Udrea wasn't actually on the field when everybody was forced to hit the deck, but he was later found in the stands. He was arrested with four other gentleman, who do not look entirely happy in footage of their capture...