Martin Skrtel does first ever tattoo on a fan for Hillsborough charity

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

In an attempt to raise money for the families of the Hillsborough disaster victims and their pursuit of justice, 96 fans got tattooed at a shop in Liverpool. Only one man was brave enough to let Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel, who had never tattooed anything in his life prior to this, do the tattooing.

Skrtel was only tasking with filling in a bit of the outline done by an actual tattoo artist, but he was still far more nervous about the endeavor than man he was about to take a needle to. "Is this the strangest afternoon you've had as a Liverpool player?" Skrtel is asked, to which he is too bewildered to just say "yes."

"My hand was shaking...I think this was the first time and the last time, as well, " he said when asked if he will challenge Daniel Agger as the club's resident tattoo artist.

Regardless of his shaky hand, the tattoos raised £1,000 for the cause. And it could still raise more if a tattoo removal shop agrees to donate all profits from erasing any mistakes made by Skrtel.

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