Mario Balotelli struggles to decorate a Christmas cake

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Mario Balotelli can lose a fight to a bib one day and casually score a goal with his shoulder the next. This is part of his appeal. Despite the endless stream of models at his side and ridiculous tales of irresponsible extravagance, Mario can still be spotted struggling to affix a toy Santa to a piece of cake.

Man City recently held a Christmas cake decorating competition and had the players take part. So, at a decorating station set up inside the club's offices not unlike one you might see at a primary school, the players decorated their cake slabs. Nigel De Jong seemed to take his effort quite seriously, but when Balotelli showed up, the supplies all seemed to conspire against him.

Frustrated by the icing that wouldn't cut for him (his reaction would've been "Why always me?" had he not opted for a swear word instead) and the little Santa that jumped off his jumped off his cake, Mario eventually did get everything in place. Here's the final product...


The fact that Mario used a Party Popper to decorate his cake is not surprising. But the fact that the Party Popper did not explode is very surprising.

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