Mario Balotelli says he would be a UFC fighter if he wasn’t a footballer

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

To mark the release of Man City's new kit, Umbro conducted brief interviews with several of the players and the one with Mario Balotelli was, of course, the best.

He starts by being thoroughly unenthusiastic about the new kit before going on to explain why he wears the No. 45. He then shares his admiration for Drake (who he had dinner with last season) and then with the intensity of a thousand suns (or one Mario Balotelli), he says that if he wasn't a footballer, he would want to be a UFC fighter.

"Probably I would want to do UFC...yeah. I really love it," he says with the utmost seriousness. But Mario as a mixed martial arts fighter? I can see it...

Meanwhile, Samir Nasri gave the most pitiful interview in which he reveals that he has his housekeeper cook for him because he's always alone and incapable of feeding himself.

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