Mario Balotelli reportedly commissioned a statue of himself doing the Euro 2012 flex pose

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Now that his camouflage Bentley has been urinated on by a Manchester United fan, Mario Balotelli needs a new possession to intimidate anyone who visits his home in Brescia, Italy. So he has reportedly commission a local artist to create a sculpture of him doing his famous death-stare flex goal celebration.

From the always excellent Football Italia:

“I received the commission, but have never actually met Balotelli, so I am working from photographs,” local artist Livio Scarpella told Il Giornale di Brescianewspaper.

“I presented various sketches, but Mario wanted to be immortalised in the pose after a goal: muscles in evidence and an expression to challenge the opponents.”

This seems to be the pose he adopted after scoring the second goal against Germany in the Euro 2012 semi-final.

“I imagined him as an athlete from ancient times. The statue will be between the classic and pop style, in platinum and coloured bronze with the eyes made of precious stones.”

This might sound like Balotelli has developed a Cristiano Ronaldo level of self-appreciation, but it's actually just evidence of a man who knows that this needed to happen. I mean, who wouldn't want a statue of the Balotelli flex in their home? If the artist mass-produces these things, he'll never have to work again.

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