Mario Balotelli plays basketball, shakes the rim with his dunks

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

It's the time of year when footballers get to try their hand at other sports while touring the United States with their clubs. Cristiano Ronaldo tried baseball in Los Angeles, Andrea Pirlo tried American football at Stanford University and Lakers point guard Steve Nash went the other way when he trained with Inter in New Jersey. But in Miami, Mario Balotelli has shown he can do something that Nash can't in his own sport: dunk a basketball.

Having a shoot around with several of his teammates, Balotelli casually pulled off some thunderous jams. And unlike his piano playing, these were real.

It wasn't terribly surprising to see that an exceptional athlete like Balotelli can dunk, but now Bastian Schweinsteiger will have a teammate if anyone decides to put together a basketball team entirely made up of footballers.

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