Mario Balotelli interrupted Inter’s press conference for their caretaker manager

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

After sacking Claudio Ranieri on Monday, Inter named youth team coach Andrea Stramaccioni the club's caretaker manager. At the press conference to announce this change and introduce Stramaccioni, there was an interruption. And of course that interruption was Mario Balotelli.

With nothing to do between matches with Man City (aside from training or handing out money to homeless people), Mario decided to stop by his old club to congratulate the coach, even though Stramaccioni took over the Primavera squad after Mario was already with Man City. It also didn't matter if Stramaccioni was in the middle of the something -- when Mario saunters in, he takes precedence.

Though his stay was brief -- he shook hands with each person at the podium amidst a bit of laughter and then quickly left at their urging -- he successfully made a boring press conference for a man who probably won't have the job very long a little bit interesting. Thanks, Mario.

UPDATE: Inter general manager Ernesto Paolillo says Balotelli's appearance was a surprise to everyone (he also compared Stramaccioni to Jose Mourinho). From Football Italia:

"We didn't know he'd make this 'blitz' and it was a very pleasant surprise. It was a sign of his respect towards Inter and the Nerazzurri youth academy."

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