This is Mario Balotelli helping a man laying in a parking lot

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Well, this is a strange little scene, so of course it involves Mario Balotelli. Tuttosport and il Corriere dello Sport shared this video of what appears to be Mario Balotelli coming to the aid of a man who supposedly fainted in the middle of a parking lot.

In the clip Mario is wearing the same clothes he wore when he interrupted Inter caretaker manager Andrea Stramaccioni's press conference earlier this week, so it was probably from the same day. When Balotelli first walks up on the man, he talks to him a bit, then goes back inside to bring him some water. The man drinks it, allows Balotelli to help him up, and then the two walk off with their arms around each other.

Was it some kind of prank or just Mario being a good Samaritan? Why is there a camera with a fish-eye lens fixed on this scene in the first place? Forget it, Jake. It's Balotellitown.

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