Mario Balotelli to be fined after getting caught smoking in train bathroom

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Mario Balotelli has displayed an increase in production on the pitch and more maturity off it since his move from Man City to Milan at the end of January. This improvement is made clear by the latest story about him. You see, instead of letting his friends burn down the bathroom of his rented mansion by setting off fireworks inside it, he was simply caught smoking a cigarette inside the bathroom of a train car on the way to Milan's match against Fiorentina. Progress!

From Reuters:

Balotelli was told off by the train guard, who told Galliani: "You need to pull his ears. He was smoking in the bathroom," Gazzetta dello Sport reported.

Smoking is banned on Italian trains. "I want to say that we're going to fine him," Galliani said.

Perhaps Mario should just stick to sleeping on the luggage racks during train rides.

Fiorentina and Milan ended up playing to a 2-2 draw. Balotelli was booked in the 70th minute for not getting back on a free kick, which means he will miss next week's match against second-place Napoli due to yellow card accumulation.

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