Mario Balotelli fends off a zombie attack

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

In a promotional clip for an upcoming award show, Mario Balotelli is seen speaking to the camera at Milan's training ground when a zombie suddenly appears. Balotelli keeps his cool as the growling monster approaches him (probably because he knew it was standing there the whole time). He has to act quick if he wants to save himself and he does by employing an unconventional zombie defense tactic: ripping off its hair.

Balotelli's inventive move works though, and the zombie stumbles away in pain while Mario watches with the same impassive expression he has after scoring a goal. Someone needs to tell Rick Grimes not to worry about going to the trouble of destroying a zombie's brain. Just rip off its hairpiece, ya dingus!

Unfortunately, it seems Gigi Buffon didn't get away as easily...

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