Marcus Hahnemann to collaborate with heavy metal band

Dirty Tackle
Marcus Hahnemann and a pointy guitar (Getty)

Goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann enjoys a Five Finger Death Punch session before every game. Unfortunately, it's not a disgusting and painful euphemism, but rather the name of a heavy metal band he never fails to blast during pre-match preparation.

Everton's number one back-up American goalkeeper is a huge metal fan, and makes no secret for his passion for the Slipknot, Mastadon and Machine Head — in fact, he once admitted that he would rather have his hand broken with a mallet than pump hip-hop through his headphones.

Fans of keepers with intimidating facial hair and obscure loud music will be delighted to hear that the USMNT star is joining forces with British metallers Malefice in a studio session this week. reports:

Hahnemann [...] is a well-known heavy metal fan but this will be the first time he has ever taken his passion for metal into a recording studio.

Hahnemann said: "[...] Getting ready for the game always includes some heavy rock to get me going. But I can't stop thinking about when I am coming back down here in a few weeks to record with MALEFICE! So hopefully my love of music and their love of football with translate to a really cool track!"

The track will be made available online in February. If you can't wait that long, here's another example of when a love of music and football translated to a really cool track.