Marco Fabian busts out a mock execution goal celebration

Dirty Tackle

Mexican Primera División sides Chivas and Tecos met on Saturday night, with the former coming out 5-2 winners thanks in part to a Marco Fabian hat-trick. The prolific midfielder poured a scalding bucket of controversy on proceedings, however, when he celebrated the second strike by unloading his finger gun into the forehead of teammate Alberto Medina.

In a country where there were over 15,000 recorded murders last year alone, this doesn't seem like an incredibly smart thing to do. A Chivas spokesperson was quick to concur with the general condemnation of this display of poor taste:

"The players who participated in this celebration will be called to account because they are role model for children and youth of our country."

In the canon of dumb celebrations — which includes David Norris' handcuff gesture and not-a-drug-taker Robbie Fowler's line-sniffing antics — this ranks pretty highly. Hopefully, if Fabian learns anything from this experience, it's that the glorification of drug-related violence should be left where it belongs — Hollywood cinema.

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