Maradona wants Mourinho 'at his bedside table'

Until today, the world had little concern for what might be on Maradona's bedside table, but after bringing it up in an interview this week, I'm intrigued. In the '80s he may have used it to deposit his World Cup winner's medal and maybe some modest jewelry. In the '90s, it may have contained substances that would be too litigious to mention. These days, it is probably decorated with a beard trimmer and a copy of his unfinished screenplay about a (fictional) Argentinean footballer named ‘Baradona' who gratuitously murders a (fictional) Brazilian footballer named 'Dele.'

While the items placed upon the bedside table remain up for debate, the biggest character in international management has revealed that the person he would like at his beck and call on those sleepless South African nights is the biggest character in domestic management. In an interview with Argentinean newspaper La Nacion he said:

"I like Mourinho a lot (as a coach). We spent hours talking about football, attacking and defensive tactics."

"He seemed to me a guy to take to your bedside table and ask him each time you need something. I've got his phone number, I might call him."

Of course, Argentina are renowned for their attack-focused tactics, whereas Jose Mourinho achieved success across the board last season with "park the bus" style defending in Europe's most boring league Serie A. Maradona, however, insists that this cautious style is not for him:

"No, not that. But it worked for him, right? He won the Champions League."

In their next conversation, let's hope Mourinho gives Maradona some sartorial tips: that shiny Jamie Redknapp-style gray suit has already seen enough excitement and grass stains for one tournament.

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