Maradona wants massive Italian tax bill excused so he can be Napoli’s manager

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Maradona owes the Italian authorities roughly €40 million for unpaid taxes (with interest that reportedly adds €3,000 a day) stemming from his time playing for Napoli over 20 years ago. This has made travel in Italy difficult for him as the taxman has been waiting on his few visits back to the country, resulting in the confiscation of two Rolex watches and a diamond earring (which was sold at auction to Palermo striker Fabrizio Miccoli). But Napoli remains a special place for the out of work legend and he would like to return to the club as soon as Italy decides to wipe away his ginormous tax problem.

From Football Italia:

“Returning to Napoli is my dream, even more so than for the fans. However, it’s difficult for me to enter Europe at the moment, as I have an issue with the tax office.

“I hope one day someone will say that Maradona can return to Naples without having to worry.”

It seems unlikely that a country with as many economic troubles as Italy would tell someone not to worry about the €40 million they owe them. So if Maradona is ever told that, he should probably just assume that it's a trap and no amount of talking about himself in the third person will help.

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