Maradona rips FIFA ‘dinosaurs,’ says everything you want to

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

With all the corruption allegations, double crossing and one-candidate elections going on at FIFA lately, the madness at the top of football's governing body has reached unprecedented levels. And as a result, Diego Maradona is now a leading voice of reason. This is what it has come to.

From Maradona's first press conference as manager of Al Wasl (via Reuters):

"Everything will be the same…FIFA is a big museum and they are dinosaurs who do not want to give up power," said the man who coached his country to the quarter-finals of last year's World Cup in South Africa.

"I'm not surprised Blatter was re-elected because they look after themselves. They will stay until they are 105 years old," he added. "I hope they will resign but don't be under any illusions that they will.

"I have been asked to be part of the FIFA family but I said it is not a family if no-one plays football," said Maradona.

"Many people agree with me that many things are not clear in football these days and it is not something people who watch football deserve. The situation will be the same while football is run by people who do not understand football."

Some may question his sanity, but I can't find a single fault with a word he said right there. So, I have decided to that Diego Maradona needs to be the next FIFA president. Because the awesomeness that would produce can't even be comprehended by the human mind.

Photo: AP

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