Maradona kicked an annoying fan of his new team

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

How many managers kick a fan's hand and win their first match for a new club on the same day? Well, Maradona can now say that he has.

Before his second match in charge at the Dubai club, Maradona fended off eager fans and climbed over the advertising board to have his picture taken with a banner hung on the fence. His photo-op was made difficult by those grabby supporters and Maradona appeared to have had enough of them. Then someone on the other side of the fence decided to play peek-a-boo with the banner and after a couple rounds of this, Maradona grew understandably frustrated and kicked the annoying fan's hand off the banner.

Maradona then got his picture taken (while giving some kind of tiger-eyed pose), made nice with the fans and went on to beat Emirates 3-0.

Video via @MundoAlbicelest

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