Maradona accused of kicking photographer in the groin ‘like he was taking a free kick’

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Like the people who run with the bulls in Pamplona, the paparazzi in Argentina continue to tempt fate and risk their fertility by following Maradona around Buenos Aires. In the latest incident, a photographer for a local celebrity magazine met the wrath of Maradona's foot and was worse off for it.

From the AP:

The "Gente" magazine photographer Enrique Medina filed a police complaint claiming the 1986 World Cup winner attacked him outside Maradona's father's house on Sunday night.

Medina told the Associated Press on Monday that Maradona ran at him "like he was taking a free-kick" and kicked him so hard in the groin and upper leg area that he "doubled over in pain".

This comes two months after Maradona threw stones at photographers who followed him from the airport and was caught on video kicking one of them. And back in 1994 he famously received a suspended jail sentence of two years and 10 months for shooting an air rifle at journalists.

The lesson here? If you're going to take pictures of Maradona, be sure to wear a medieval suit of armor when you do it. And if Maradona starts lining up your crotch like he's taking a free kick you might want to move.

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