The many Schalke banners berating Neuer upon his return

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

On Sunday, Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer returned to his hometown to play against former club Schalke for the first time since his transfer to Bayern Munich. The move made fans of both clubs unhappy and one Schalke fan even slapped him in the face during the club's DFB Pokal parade last season. There were no physical assaults this time -- instead, an entire stadium full of bitter Schalke supporters showed Neuer how much they dislike him in banner form.

As you will soon see, the "Bayern embarrassing" handouts pictured above were almost compliments compared to some of the other words and drawings Neuer was faced with. Have a look...


That's Neuer as a transvestite prostitute. With his backside hanging out and what appears to be a, uh, stain on his dress. And if that image is too vague for you, this one should clear things up/haunt your nightmares...

Yep. That's Neuer going to town on Bayern chairman Uli Hoeness. And that's pretty much all I want to say about that.

The long banner hanging off the upper level of the stadium translates to "We mourn for M. Neuer - 2005-2011 -- resurrected as an unprincipled puppet." I think that actually hurts more than the pornographic cartoons.

And finally, we have a pair of banners get right to the point. They say: "Betray your origin for titles and money, Judas himself was more honorable." And then, just in case Neuer didn't feel like reading all that, someone held up a giant middle finger beneath that to get the same point across in a more succinct way.

And while Schalke fans held up their artwork and surrounded Neuer with their hate, he was busy keeping a clean sheet while his side took a 2-0 win to remain atop the Bundesliga with five wins and one loss in six matches. "Haters gonna hate," he probably thought after the final whistle. Except, you know, in German.

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