Like so many others, Roberto Mancini wants to give Samir Nasri a punch

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Samir Nasri was named man of the match in Man City's 4-0 win against Newcastle on Saturday. It was only the third Premier League start of 2013 for a player who has been one of the many wobbly floats in City's parade of disappointment this season and after the match, manager Roberto Mancini expressed his frustration with him.

From the Guardian:

Asked his thoughts on seeing Nasri play like so, Mancini said: "I would like to give him a punch. Because a player like him should play like today always. Always. Every game. Maybe one game sometimes he can play [badly] but with his quality ... I don't know what was different on Saturday. I can't understand [why] sometimes a player with his quality doesn't play like today [in] every game," the manager said.

Of course, expressing his desire to punch his own players is nothing new for Mancini. He previously said that if Mario Balotelli was his teammate, he would've punched him in the head every day (and he eventually kind of tried to follow through on that idea). So if that's anything to go by, Mancini will physically attack Nasri and sell him to Milan, where he will immediately flourish. Or he'll just stay in Manchester and continue to get yelled at by Arsenal fans.

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