Manchester Utd’s Shinji Kagawa is playing football against samurais now

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After being thoroughly under-utilized in David Moyes' Manchester Utd team, Shinji Kagawa has had to resort to playing football against imaginary samurais in Japanese beer commercials now.

In a new clip for Kirin beer, the Red Devils midfielder arrives home to his tiny apartment wearing a suit and tie and heads to the fridge for a cold one. Realism then takes a backseat as Kagawa is transported to a field where he faces several samurai warriors.

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Wearing all that armour, they run even slower than Kagawa's teammates against Olympiakos earlier this week, allowing the Japan midfielder to score a solo goal and return to his apartment to enjoy a refreshing Kirin on his knees.

Perhaps the excitable adventure that occurs every time he retrieves items from the fridge is the reason why he had to get his stomach pumped in December after eating too much.

On the grand scale of Shinji Kagawa commercials, however, this is quite sane, with the benchmark for crazy being set high by the clip for a telecommunications company where his dad is a talking beluga whale and his uncle is a dog:

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