Manchester United’s 4-1 loss to Man City in David Moyes’ pained facial expressions

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Just when Manchester United were starting to recover from their 1-0 loss to rivals Liverpool, the business of being the club's new manager got quite a bit worse for David Moyes with a 4-1 loss to Man City. The scoreline wasn't as bad as Man United's 6-1 loss to City at Old Trafford in 2011 (Man United's worst home defeat since 1955), back when Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge, but City completely dominated the match from the start.

Man United missed the injured Robin van Persie, as well as all of their other players who participated but decided not to show up. A late consolation goal from Wayne Rooney did nothing to ease the pain of the defeat, which was clearly evident on the face of the most scrutinized man in the stadium. David Moyes' face told the story of this match better than any of the goals, celebrations, or in-depth analysis. So let's look at it.

"Just have to make sure Shinji Kagawa isn't out there..."

"Look at the shoes. They can't sack me if I'm looking at my shoes."

"Is Ashley Young doing this to spite me for publicly calling him out for diving or is he actually this useless while standing upright?"

"F*** you, Pellegrini. If my club made competent use of the transfer window, I'd be doing well too."

"Be cool, David. Just keep looking at the shoes. The shoes are a safe place. Ignore the fake sheikh and focus on the shoes."

"When I win the Scottish Cup with Hamilton Academical next season, I'm going to laugh about all this."

Next up for Moyes: Another crack at Liverpool, this time in the Capital One Cup and at Old Trafford.

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