Manchester United’s 1982 squad photo might be one of the best team pictures ever

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Manchester United had their squad photo taken on Thursday and to mark the occasion, the club's Twitter account tweeted several team pictures from the past. The very best of which was the 1982 edition (above). This is not up for debate.

With shirt sponsor Sharp eager to get their money's worth, the picture features a variety of cutting edge (for 1982) electronics sitting in the grass in front of the players and then manager Big Ron Atkinson, who were all nicely framed by the goal. The picture has it all — a VCR, television (or is that a microwave?), boombox, cassette playing home soundsystem and even a cash register. That final item perhaps serving as a prediction of where top-flight football was headed.

That Man United team went on to win the Charity/Community Shield and FA Cup in 1983 before everything in the picture eventually became obsolete. Here's the latest edition, which sadly has many more Nike Swooshes than boomboxes (cash registers not pictured, but they are there)...

Note how Wayne Rooney is sitting on the end should they have to photoshop him out after the January transfer window. Also, if you stare into Marouane Fellaini's hair long enough, you will see the image of Sir Alex Ferguson chomping on a stick of gum and warning David Moyes not to touch his Premier League trophy.

Our friends at Prep Rally have previously shared a high school basketball team photo from the '80s featuring a military tank and a high school American football team photo from this year featuring a Duck Dynasty camouflage theme, but without the Sharp MZ-80A classing up the atmosphere, they were wasting their time.

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