Man City invite you to play FA Cup final bingo

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Perhaps anticipating a less than entertaining match, Manchester City published an FA Cup final bingo board on their official website to help keep viewers alert as they play Wigan. The club enlisted the proprietor of Football Cliches to put the board together (which has become something of an Internet cliche itself) and the result is a cross-section of the familiar moments and phrases that will inevitably play out.

Have a look...

You should be able to complete the entire board within the first 30 minutes of the game, so here are a few other things to watch/listen for:

-More references to Sir Alex Ferguson retiring than to Wigan.
-"David versus Goliath."
-Roberto Martinez job speculation.
-Roberto Mancini job speculation.
-"Two Robertos!"
-Your own inner thoughts on how much you wish Mario Balotelli was taking part in the match.
-Your own mild surprise when Balotelli interrupts the match by doing donuts on the pitch in a go-kart while dressed as Toad from Mario Kart before driving back to Italy.
-Reference to Liverpool's cream-colored 1996 FA Cup final suits.
-"Noisy neighbors."
-Disinterested royals.
-Suggestions that Kate Middleton's baby should be named after Maynor Figueroa.
-David Moyes.
-Carlos Tevez looking constipated.

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